Preschool Room

Our Preschool class is designed for children three and four years old.

Our goal for our preschool class is to provide our children with more challenging hands-on activities to increase their social, emotional, cognitive, fine, and gross motor skills. We review colors and shapes with our preschoolers. The preschool class consists of the introduction of early reading (letter recognition and letter sounds), writing (tracing basic shapes, lines, letters and numbers), and math (number recognition, counting and one-to-one coorespondence) concepts. Stories, songs, fingerplays, movement and exercise, and large and small group activities are incorporated in our daily routine. Children explore the world around them with many hands-on activities such as science exploration, open-ended art, and discovery centers.

The teachers and aides in the Preschool Room will:

  • genuinely  show interest in what the children are doing and how they are feeling

  • have fun and enjoy their time guiding and watching young children learn and grow

  • provide a safe, fun learning environment

  • establish positive relationships with each child and parent to ensure comfort and security

  • provide positive guidence and discipline using redirection

  • help children engage in learning experiences and master skills appropriate for their developmental level

  • communicate with parents about their child's progression

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