Toddler Room

Our Toddler room is designed for children who are eighteen months old to two and a half.

Our young toddlers will continue to exhibit parallel play and start learning to socialize with other children. Our main focus with our toddlers is to build emotional and social skills

Children in our toddler room are introduced to colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. They will be building their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and language skills through play, music, and art. We provide age appropiate materials, toys, manipulatives, and activities for our toddlers.

The teachers and aides in the Toddler Room will:

  •     warmly greet each child, helping them to feel safe and secure

  •     comfort children who are facing seperation anxiety

  •     support children as they attempt new tasks

  •     genuinely interested in what children are doing and how they are feeling

  •     help to promote the growth and development of each individual child

  •     have fun and enjoying their time guiding young children

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